Once upon a time, a choir girl and a metalhead got stuck on an island, with nothing but a microphone, a guitar and a pedalboard…


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"A unique musical act that is virtually impossible to pigeonhole genre-wise, combining amazing vocals with breathtaking guitar work."​

- Ivan Roberts, Riff Taff Music Networking

     Across The Sea sound unlike any act you’ve heard before. Built around the hauntingly powerful voice of Hannah Katy Lewis and the unorthodox, adventurous guitar approach of Pete Ferguson, their unique genre-bending sound is wildly eclectic, fiercely inventive and singularly distinctive.

"Combined they're a 2 piece that sound like a 10 piece."​

- Headlights and White Lines

     Their debut album Infinite Worlds was released in December 2018, receiving airplay in the UK and internationally, with lead single Speechless reaching the top 10 of the Radio Indie Alliance chart. Lauded as a “fantastic debut"* and “full to the brim with singularly great and original songs"** , the album was later featured on HMV Brighton's recommended list, with the pair subsequently being invited to perform live in-store.

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"Hannah Katy Lewis' vocal is startlingly good, ranging from Kate Bush theatricals to Middle-Eastern chanting..."​

- Listen With Monger

- Hannah Katy Lewis -

- Pete Ferguson -

     The duo have played over 150 shows since their inception, earning a reputation as one of the most genuinely innovative acts on the live circuit, whose performances are “something to get drawn into and swept away with."*** They have appeared extensively at venues throughout the south and, as part of a successful 2019 summer tour, captivated audiences at festivals such as Victorious, Wickham and Rhythmtree.

     And now, after 14 months of meticulous crafting, work is almost complete on Across The Sea's much anticipated second album: the duo's most ambitious creative venture so far...


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Headlights and Whitelines

** Rhythmtree Festival

*** Metal Meyhem Radio