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"Brimming with complex musical ideas and literary concepts, Across The Sea will challenge you to consider where one genre ends and another begins."​

- Alistair Goodwin, Wickham Festival 

      Evocative, otherworldly, and utterly captivating, Across The Sea defy categorisation, inhabiting a place where the boundlessness of the imagination transcends genre limitations and conventions. A breathtaking synthesis of the haunting, siren-like vocals of classically trained soprano Hannah Katy Lewis and the dynamic, unorthodox and experimental guitar style of Pete Ferguson, their mesmerisingly unique sound is wildly eclectic, fiercely inventive and singularly distinctive.


      Their critically-acclaimed first album Infinite Worlds was released in December 2018, featuring on HMV Brighton’s recommended list and being lauded by a diverse range of outlets as a startlingly original debut. The June 2019 stand-alone single Behind the Looking Glass gained further recognition for the duo, picking up considerable airplay in the UK and internationally.

      Playing over 150 shows since their inception, the pair have earned a reputation as one of the most tirelessly active and genuinely innovative acts on the live circuit, whose immersive and theatrical performances have enchanted audiences at venues throughout the south and - as part of a successful 2019 summer tour - festivals such as Victorious, Wickham and Rhythmtree.

"...a swirling, intoxicating blend of influences and sounds that transports you away from reality..."​

- Listen with Monger 

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- Hannah Katy Lewis -

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- Pete Ferguson -

"...uncompromising, dark, ethereal beauty...the extreme juxtaposition of Hannah's exquisitely pure vocal and Pete's deep and intricate guitar playing is extraordinary and compelling​."

- Clare and John Fowler, Dandelion Charm 

      And now, after 18 months of meticulous crafting, Across The Sea unveil their much-anticipated second album The Wayfarer Triptych, scheduled for release on 1st October. A nine-track concept piece telling an original story penned by the band themselves, the album marries fantasy and folklore, fairytale and philosophy, in a stirring tale of drama, adventure and mystery. An artistic endeavour near-cinematic in its scope and ambition, The Wayfarer Triptych sees the genre-defying progressive duo push every aspect of their signature sound to the extreme in order to create an immense work of astonishing musicality, vivid storytelling, dizzying virtuosity, and staggering emotional resonance.

      So, prepare to join Across The Sea on their enthralling musical odyssey The Wayfarer Triptych, as a girl, inspired by her discovery of an extraordinary and beguiling triptych painting, embarks on an epic journey through the remains of a broken world, in search of hope, purpose, and a forgotten truth…


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