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ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wayfarer Triptych

Across The Sea announce their new concept album The Wayfarer Triptych, set for release on October 1st.

 Prepare to join them for a stirring tale of drama, adventure and mystery, as a girl, inspired by her discovery of an extraordinary and beguiling triptych painting, embarks on an epic journey through the remains of a broken world, in search of hope, purpose, and a forgotten truth…

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The Wayfarer Triptych


1. Prologue

2. Awakening

3. Nightfall in the Labyrinth


4. Of Mist, Mountain and Sea

5. Utopia

6. Conjure the Tempest


7. Serenity and Chaos

8. Light the World with Wisdom's Flame

9. Swansong

SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT: Nightfall in the Labyrinth

Nightfall in the Labyrinth, the lead single from Across The Sea's new album The Wayfarer Triptych, will be released on all digital platforms on August 6th.

Deep amongst the maze-like ruins of a fallen city, a girl is pursued through the night as she flees in a desperate bid for survival. And far in the distance, a great wall of mist rises from the darkness, standing between her and the hope of salvation. What lies beyond? Will she reach the other side? Or will she remain imprisoned in this labyrinth forever?

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To mark the release of their new concept album, The Wayfarer Triptych, Across The Sea bring their enchanting and immersive live show to Bar 42 in Worthing on Saturday 2nd October, for a special hometown one-off live performance of the new in its entirety.

Support comes in the form of the blues rhythms, country harmonies and folk tales of SongBox Band.