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Genre-defying Progressive Duo

The Wayfarer Triptych (title)
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Across The Sea unveil their new concept album The Wayfarer Triptych, available now on CD and Digital Download.

 Join them for a stirring tale of drama, adventure and mystery, as a girl, inspired by her discovery of an extraordinary and beguiling triptych painting, embarks on an epic journey through the remains of a broken world, in search of hope, purpose, and a forgotten truth…

"A genuinely stunning album...breathtaking vocals, astonishing guitar work and beautiful atmospherics...turn it up loud, forget everything and totally immerse yourself in the magic and intensity that is Across The Sea."​

- Darren's Music Blog

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"The album as a whole is a journey that deserves your full attention...(a) masterpiece of storytelling through the medium of music."​

- L.A.R.S Promotions

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"It's ridiculous how good this is....nothing like anything I've ever amazing concept album. Every track stands up on its own and then you put them all together and it's the most incredible experience. I cannot tell you enough how much I love this album!" 

- Mike Five, New Music Saturday

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"This is not an album you can listen to in passing. It is an avant-garde, genre-bending audio film that thrives while listening to it in its entirety...truly a breath of fresh air." 

- The Music Insight Column

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"A production for fans of progressive rock to take note of...the songs themselves are fascinating with ebbs and flow(s) in pace and intensity." 


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The Wayfarer Triptych


1. Prologue

2. Awakening

3. Nightfall in the Labyrinth


4. Of Mist, Mountain and Sea

5. Utopia

6. Conjure the Tempest


7. Serenity and Chaos

8. Light the World with Wisdom's Flame

9. Swansong

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