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Genre-defying Progressive Duo


Journey's End


23rd October 2022

Worthing, West Sussex

We must inform you with a great sense of sadness and after a huge amount of consideration that we have decided our time together as Across The Sea will now come to an end.


The past 5 years have truly been the most incredible experience of our lives. But a constant flurry of over-working, rejection, financial struggle, uncertainty and the many other pressures that come with being an independent artist, combined with the unique nature of our music and set-up making it unusually difficult for us to ‘fit in’ with any existing scene or style, have also made them unbelievably challenging. And this has all contributed to it becoming increasingly impossible for us to continue to progress in the way we feel we need to in order to make this band sustainable.


This year has been our most successful ever but, in spite of that, over the last few months we have come to realise and accept that what we hear in our music - that spark of pure magic that has inspired and driven us all this time - is just not being heard or recognised on a great enough level for us to be able to take Across The Sea where we need it to go.


We are so proud of what we’ve built together over the last 5 years, and how we’ve remained true to our creative vision no matter what. And it is out of respect for this that we wish to bow out with dignity and at the right time. So while this has been an enormously difficult decision to make, we feel it is also the right one.


So here we are. After 5 years, 205 live shows, 4 official releases and so many experiences, travels and adventures, we reach the end.


But before we go:


A huge thank you to the Cellar Arts Club, Seamonster Sound, Timington and the near sell-out crowd who joined us for The Theatre of Enchantments last night and ensured we had the most perfect send off we could possibly wish for.


We’d also like to give a shout out and thank you to all the venues, festivals, promoters, bands, sound engineers, DJs, radio shows, reviewers, bloggers, interviewers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, graphic designers, PR agents, printers and anyone else we’ve been involved with over the past 5 years, who are far too numerous to name, but are all awesome.

A special mention to the two people who have been our most constant collaborators: Andrew Croft from Augmented Sounds , the mastering engineer for all our releases, and Neringa Thompson of NG Photography who has been ‘Official Band Photographer’ since summer 2019 - thank you both so much for everything you’ve done to help us make Across The Sea what it’s been.


And last, but most importantly of all. You. The ones who have listened to our music, come to our shows, kept up to date with our goings on, and invested so much time, interest and support into what we’ve been doing. Could we have done it without you? Perhaps. But would it have been the same magical and truly life-changing adventure it has been for us both? Not a chance. You have impacted our lives and validated our creativity in ways it’s impossible for us to adequately express. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything, it’s been our honour and privilege to share these last 5 years with you all.


So that’s it, and it’s time to say farewell. Here finally at journey’s end, we hope you’ll remember Across The Sea for what we humbly believe it’s been: a totally unique, boundary pushing, enchanting musical universe, one we sincerely hope brought some joy, wonderment and inspiration to the few who embraced it and took it into their hearts and imaginations.


Beyond the sunset we dreamed…


Thank you and goodbye.


Hannah & Pete

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