Genre-defying Progressive Duo

Once upon a time, a choir girl and a metalhead got stuck on an island, with nothing but a microphone, a guitar, and a pedalboard…

Behind the Looking Glass
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Infinite Worlds Album Sampler
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A Journey Through Fantasia (Live)
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"...a swirling, intoxicating blend of influences and sounds that transports you away from reality..."


- Listen with Monger

          Across The Sea sound unlike any act you’ve heard before. Built around the hauntingly powerful vocals of Hannah Katy Lewis and the unorthodox, adventurous guitar approach of Pete Ferguson, their unique genre-bending sound is wildly eclectic, fiercely inventive and singularly distinctive.

- Shadow of the Moon (Official Music Video) -

​           Their debut album Infinite Worlds (released December 2018) featured on HMV Brighton's recommended list and has received airplay in the UK and internationally.

          Since their inception the duo have appeared extensively at venues throughout the south, earning a reputation as a captivating and affecting live act and performing aboard HMS Warrior, to a capacity hometown crowd at Worthing Pier’s Southern Pavilion, and at festivals such as Victorious, Wickham and Rhythmtree.

- Immortal Skies (Live) -


"Flamenco flourishes twist and turn into pastoral prog rock and folk, the vocals are ethereal and dreamlike, the guitars strident, yet playful."


 - Plugged In Brighton

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"A unique musical act that is virtually impossible to pigeonhole genre-wise, combining amazing vocals with breathtaking guitar work."​

- Ivan Roberts, Riff Taff Music Networking

"Hannah Katy Lewis' vocal is startlingly good, ranging from Kate Bush theatricals to Middle-Eastern chanting which dances atop the intricate and impressive guitar work of Pete Ferguson."​

- Listen With Monger

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"Extraordinary progressive duo...combined they're a 2 piece that sound like a 10 piece."​

- Headlights and White Lines

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"Something to get drawn into and swept away... you need to hear this duo live to share in the experience of their unique music."

 - Metal Meyhem Radio

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I, Wanderer

EP - 2018


Infinite Worlds


Album - 2018


Behind the Looking Glass 

Single - 2019

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Worthing, UK

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