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Release Date: 7th December 2018

Infinite Worlds Artwork.jpg
  1. Aurora

  2. Immortal Skies

  3. Speechless

  4. Masquerade

  5. Shadow of the Moon

  6. Into Infinity







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“I wasn't sure what to expect from this album. Will it be weird? Will I like it? Will I want more? Yes, yes, and yes.”

 - Headlights and White Lines

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With their debut album Infinite Worlds Across The Sea explore the depths and wonders of the universe and the harsh realities of life, by way of 6 complex sprawling tracks.

A mass of ethereal voices emerge from the dense ambient soundscape of opening track Aurora beginning an enchanting voyage to worlds unknown; one the listener will reflect upon long after the distant echoes of final song Into Infinity have faded poignantly into the ether.

“Full to the brim with singularly great and original songs.”

 - Rhythmtree Festival

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Liner Notes

Vocals - Hannah Katy Lewis 
Guitar - Pete Ferguson 

All songs written, recorded and performed by Across The Sea 

Recorded at Humber Studios, The Mothership, and

Northbrook Studios, August - September 2018 

Mixed by Pete Ferguson 
Mastered by Augmented Sounds 

Soundscapes/Effects: Pete Ferguson 
Piano on Into Infinity: Pete Ferguson 
Cover design/layout: Hannah Katy Lewis 
Logo design: Frankie Strange 

℗ © 2018 Across The Sea, All Rights Reserved.