Behind the Looking Glass

Release Date: 28th June 2019 

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  1. Behind the Looking Glass


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"...a swirling, intoxicating blend of influences and sounds that transports you away from reality...that kind of relief from the world is worth its weight in gold."

 - Listen with Monger

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     Across The Sea’s new single Behind the Looking Glass sees the duo take their characteristic experimental, multi-sectional approach to songwriting and condense it into a punchy, concise 4.5 minute musical statement. 


     The Middle-Eastern infused jazz inflections of the opening wordless vocal refrain set the precedent for an increasingly progressive arrangement which builds breathlessly towards a dramatic, powerful climax; the subsequent gentle lilting guitar melody acting as a wistful epilogue to the piece.


"Flamenco flourishes twist and turn into pastoral prog rock and folk, the vocals are ethereal and dreamlike, the guitars strident, yet playful."

 - Plugged In Brighton

Full Review

     Lyrically Behind the Looking Glass finds Hannah at her most philosophical, addressing the delusions we each create to protect ourselves mentally and physically. If we can break free from the prisons we have built we would see the true beauty of life and the world we live in. It’s time to embrace the feeling of freedom and begin to understand one another for who we really are.

"Tripped out as hell...this is a great the vocals - just wow."

 - New Music Saturday

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Liner Notes


Vocals - Hannah Katy Lewis 
Guitar - Pete Ferguson 

Written, recorded, and performed by Across The Sea 


Recorded at Humber Studios and The Mothership, May 2019

Mixed by Pete Ferguson 
Mastered by Augmented Sounds

Cover design: Hannah Katy Lewis

Logo design: Cynthia Renn

℗ © 2019 Across The Sea, All Rights Reserved.